Kicker 47QL7R12 Quad L7R 12-inch Ported Loaded Enclosure
Are you a basshead browsing the internet looking for the perfect subwoofer enclosure that will ensure you're the loudest in your city? If so, you have found the ultimate pre-fabricated subwoofer enclosure ever conceived! Get ready, the Kicker Quad L7R enclosure is coming to a city near you! Will you let your friends out bass you? We hope not, order your Kicker Quad Enclosure today!
Currently, we are accepting Pre-Orders for the Kicker 47QL7R12. Above you will see the "Add to Cart" button which will allow you to check out and reserve your spot. Once you place the order, we will keep in contact with you until it is received at our facility. Shipping be delivered by a semi-truck, so make sure you record it to make all of your basshead friends jealous!!

Engineered for Output

The experts at Kicker have put the science of their subwoofers and knowledge of enclosure design in this amazing package.


Power Handling

Paired with the right amplifier, this loaded enclosure can handle 2,4000 wrms of power that will push the flex limits of the interior of your vehicle.


All in One Package

For the extreme bassheads out there, you no longer have to fight for the "right" enclosure. The flared port tuned to 31hz will deliver the output that you dream of.


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Are you looking to add an insane amount of bass to your ride? If you have space, we have the perfect solution. How would you like to have four 12-inch Kicker L7R subwoofers loaded into a perfectly engineered enclosure by the team at Kicker? If you said yes, get ready for the loaded enclosure that will be the king of flex in your city. Here are some quick specs to see if its right for you:

  • Size: 28″ Deep x 20 1/4″ Tall x 35 7/8″ Wide
  • RMS Power Handling: 2,400
  • Impedance: Two 2ohm Terminals (1ohm Final)
  • Tuning Frequency: 31hz
  • Shipping ETA: September 2020


If you shop around online, you will come across many of what we call “Pre-Fabricated” subwoofer enclosures. Some that you run across are vehicle specific and others are for simplicity of adding bass to most modern vehicles in a compact fashion. While these work great for most average consumers, online basshead shoppers and SPL competitors that want more than average bass were stuck purchasing raw subwoofers and finding a qualified enclosure builder to build them an enclosure. While this is an option, most of the time its hard to find someone that really knows what they are doing to optimize your raw subwoofers to the max.

So Kicker decided to build the perfect loaded subwoofer enclosure for those that want an extreme amount of bass but engineered to deliver maximum performance from the subwoofers. This is hands down, the most extreme loaded enclosure we have ever seen and will for sure put a huge smile on bass heads around the world. Here are a few key points about this enclosure and what makes it “bass head certified”:

  • The port is flared perfectly and tuned to 31Hz for some serious bump – without the expense of a custom enclosure.
  • Heavy, birch-veneer plywood construction, and thick internal bracing keep the enclosure stable, even under extreme SPL levels. Covered in durable black carpet and custom embroidered with the KICKER logo.
  • The QL7R12 is pre-wired to a pair of Two-Ohm terminals. All you need is an amp!
  • With 2,400 watts of RMS power handling, this computer-designed basshead subwoofer system makes rattling your ride easier than ever!


The subwoofers chosen for this amazing enclosure are the Kicker 12-inch Square L7R Series. They did not just select a random subwoofer or pick these based on what would look best. No, they chose the L7R series for their reliability, displacement of the square cone and the power handling these subwoofers can deliver. From the signature red stitching to the braced rear subwoofer frame, these subwoofers are built for delivering an insane amount of bass. Here are a few key features these subwoofers offer:

  • UniPlate™ solid pole piece & backplate construction ensure the sub stays cool, even under extreme power loads
  • Full 360-degree back bracing keeps the entire cone strong and stable for smooth, distortion-free bass.
  • Signature red stitching binds the ribbed Santoprene® surround to the injection-molded SoloKon™ cone for added strength, even under extreme stress.
  • KICKER’s L7R Square Sub technology gives you up to 20% more cone area than a round sub.
  • Dual voice coils come standard on all L7R models, for ultimate wiring flexibility. Get the highest possible power out of your amp.
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Kicker 47QL7R12
Quad L7R 12-inch Ported Loaded Enclosure
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When it comes to loaded enclosures, this one stands out from the crowd. For years bass heads around the nation asked for a simple solution to get their “fix”. Well, this quad 12-inch loaded subwoofer enclosure tuned to an earth-shaking 31hz will do the trick.

The internal bracing along with the flared port are design elements that you want in extreme high output enclosures. The team at Kicker delivered and proves once again, they know what customers want.

Currently, we have not heard this enclosure in a vehicle. We have this enclosure on order along with customers who pre-ordered it, so here soon we will get a chance to run it through its paces. Based on sales and talking with Kicker, we would recommend pre-ordering this soon. You don’t want your friend to have this before you!



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Kicker 47QL7R12 Tech Specs
Woofers Included Four Solo-Baric L7R 12-inch
Enclosure Tuning Frequency 31hz
RMS Power Handling 2400 Watts RMS
Input Terminals Two 2ohm Terminals (1ohm Final)
Enclosure Depth 28-inches
Enclosure Height 20 1/4-inches
Enclosure Width 35 7/8-inches
Kicker 47QL7R12 Owners Manual (Coming Soon)
12-inch L7R Subwoofer Owners Manual
12-inch L7R Subwoofer Thiele/Small Parameters
Kicker Car Stereo 2020 Catalog View Online
What’s Included
Four Kicker 12-inch L7R Subwoofers
Beautiful Pre-Fab Enclosure
Enclosure Hardware Pack
Instruction Manual
Two Kicker Stickers
Enclosure Mounting Bracket Kit
Quick Start Guide w/link to full Guide (via QR Code)

Kicker KXA2400.1 Amplifier

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Kicker KXA2400.1 Amplifier

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The Perfect Amplifier Configuration for your new Kicker QL7R12 Ported Enclosure

When your shopping for the best amplifier to pair up with the Kicker Quad Enclosure, look no further than the Kicker KX Series 2400.1. This amazing amplifier will deliver 2,400 watts of continuous power to the subwoofers and will deliver the exact performance you paid for with your new enclosure. Don't settle for just any amplifier that claims it puts out power, rely on the experts at Kicker to deliver the perfect amplifier for this configuration. Click the link below to learn more about this amplifier or browse additional mono-block amplifiers that work with this subwoofer enclosure. As always, we can help design a custom package to best fit your needs. Just let us know.
Like Peanut Butter & Jelly....

Add the matched Pure Copper 1/0AWG Amplifier Wiring Kit for maximum performance

A well designed and reliable system requires the right wiring. The engineers at Kicker made the amplifiers know exactly what they need to work properly and deliver high-performance for the life of the amplifiers. They start with premium OFC 100% 1/0 AWG copper cabling and pair it with high-quality fuse holders, terminals and other accessories you will need for the installation. Not all amplifier kits are created equal and powering your new Kicker KX Series 2400.1 is no exception. Add the Kicker 1/0 AWG kit to your order and enjoy everything Kicker you wanted to experience.

Kicker 1/0AWG Dual Amplifier 2-Channel Power Kit

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